We provide the following services to cities, counties, water, sewer and drainage districts:

•    Contract city and district engineering
•    Program management
•    Capital facilities planning
•    Construction management and inspection
•    Plan review of private development projects

Contract City and District Engineering
We work with cities and utility districts on an as-needed basis to meet their planning and engineering needs. Such work includes everything from serving as City Engineer to helping facilitate a latecomer’s agreement.

Capital Facility Planning
We prepare water, wastewater, street, and transportation facility plans – either with or independent of comprehensive or master planning efforts.

Construction Management/Inspection
Our construction expertise sets us apart as a civil engineering firm. Our design-construction continuity policy means that all of our engineers are trained to inspect and (with further experience) manage the construction of their design projects.  We regularly assist local agencies with construction management and inspection, often supplementing their staff’s efforts with our own pool of internal and on-call field inspectors.

Development Review Services
We’ve been assisting local governments in Oregon and Washington with development review efforts for twenty years. For select clients, we complete reviews of private development engineering plans and variances. Our work includes working closely with planning and legal staff with code revisions and developer agreements.