Municipal Services
We provide the following services to local governments:

    •    Contract city and district engineering
    •    Capital facilities planning
    •    Construction management and inspection
    •    Plan review and inspection of private development projects

Capital Facility Planning
We prepare water, sewer, street, and transportation capital facility plans either in conjunction with, or independent of, comprehensive or master planning efforts. We offer a specialized development regulatory tool – The CFP Integrator – which integrates capital facility planning into the processes of both infrastructure master planning and development review.

Construction Management/Inspection
Wallis Engineering is highly experienced managing and inspecting the construction of public improvement projects.   Because we manage the construction of most of our design projects, all of our engineers first become qualified construction inspectors, and then as they gain experience they become qualified construction managers.   For a wide variety of municipal infrastructure projects, we offer the following services on a part-time or full-time basis:

    •    Construction management
    •    Construction inspection
    •    Construction administration
    •    Material testing services (by subconsultant)
    •    Construction surveying (by subconsultant)

Development Review Services
Wallis Engineering has been assisting local governments in Oregon and Washington with development review efforts for 20 years.  This work includes:

    •    Assisting planning staff with development applications and site plan reviews
    •    Engineering plan review
    •    Assisting planning and legal staff with code revisions
    •    Review of variance requests
    •    Private development inspection
    •    Assisting planning and legal staff with developer agreements