Wallis Engineering is a civil engineering consulting firm located in the Historic Lucky Lager Warehouse building in downtown Vancouver, Washington. The firm, founded in 1984, offers planning, design, and construction phase services to local government primarily in the greater Portland metropolitan Area. We also offer industrial sitework and solid waste engineering to a select group of clients throughout the Northwest.

When we started our practice of consultancy in 1984, we were like most small consulting firms in that we offered both municipal and land development engineering services. Also, like most, we soon started offering multi-disciplined services. This in turn led to an increased focus on marketing. In the early 1990’s, we began to change our practice of consultancy to make us less dependent upon marketing for our work, and more dependent upon the quality of our engineering and the value delivered.

Our initial focus was upon more thorough screening of new hires and more effective professional development. That led us to becoming more focused on the services we offered. We began to offer only civil engineering services. We stopped working for private developers and focused entirely upon local government clients. As we increased our efforts to hire and develop an exceptional engineering staff, we found aptitude testing to be of great value. Over time, that led to a rather unusual professional development program which we call Seriously Civil. That program now significantly influences our practice of consultancy and the way we engineer. In fact, it now defines our firm and makes us who we are.