Wallis Engineering is a civil engineering consulting firm located in the historic Lucky Lager Warehouse building in downtown Vancouver, Washington. The firm was founded in 1984. We offer planning, design, bidding, and construction phase services to local governments in the greater Portland-metro area. Three unique things about us:

Production. Our staff are highly technical. We’re also efficient, because our track record of success is a mark of project excellence, rather than heavy marketing. Like many engineers, we’d rather do good work than tell you all about it.

Teamwork. The key to production is teamwork. We excel at collaborating – with client staff, subconsultants, project stakeholders, and the public.

Construction. Ultimately, most of our work results in constructed infrastructure. Our engineers are trained and experienced in construction by low-bid (municipal) contractors. We know through long experience that our focus on construction and constructability results in better quality infrastructure, at lower costs to local communities.